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About me

I create UX and product with fun, imagination and a pinch of healthy madness... This is how I feel.

I am proud of my interdisciplinary skills, which I use in realization of my work. I make products user-friendly, functional that outcome greater results. I had the privilege to work a wide range of customers with number of brands that helped me to grown as a professional ninja in this industry. Currently, I am living in Italy and freelancing all over the world.

What i do

I quickly bring ideas to life with tangible prototypes, and refine until the very last moment in close collaboration with my clients.


User Interface

Art direction

Creative direction

App Interface

User experience

Corporate identity

Graphics design

Flyers, Logo and posters


Web development

Web site on CMS Wordpress

E-commerce site on Prestashop

Web Design

jQuery and PHP junior developer

Web project manager

Frontend developer HTML5 / CSS3

Cloud Server Manager



My experience in the world of UI / UX design began in 2001. From there on it I have always tried to improve myself and improve what was around me, I try to constantly grow and constantly form me with a natural passion ... Love for design graphics!!!


The precise location to be a characteristic of a good designer, be the precise workmanship, corrected by those who collaborate and direct and clear with customers creates a synergy that works in the workflow. The precision is in the character of those who love her.


The world of communication is surrounded by no pictures, video, words, it is often a very difficult coding to understand and the advertisement does not come to those who should arrive. The simplicity and clarity break this mechanism and turn to improve advertising. I love the simplicity.


Elvox Group
Ennova Research
Hotel Flora
Locanda Novecento
Casa Flora Venezia
Inside Venice
Seguso Gianni
Nova Building
Hotel Players
Centro Equestre Veneto
Eco Magazine
Dr Green Thumb
Casa Begonia

KEEP IN TOUCH!All you need to contact me

Call me+39 333 62 00 242

Let's chatalessandro.simion

AdressPiazzale dei Quaranta 10 30175 Venice(ITALY)

Professional P.IVA/VAT: 04138670270 C.F.: SMNLSN83B04L736B